The Kroovs

The Kroovs were forged in the hot, sweaty jungle of tropical far North Queensland by Seamus Lunt and Stacey Brown. The bastard love child of punk sensibilities, old school rock n' roll appreciation and sweet folk inclinations, The Kroovs came screaming into the world on a balmy evening in April 2014.

A celebration of all things folk and blues, The Kroovs will take you from the brumby plains of the southern highlands, to a boozer in the hills of Donegal, sail you into the smugglers coves in Cornwall before dumping you on a dusty verandah rocking chair in Virginia to rock away your musical woes.

The unstoppable momentum of a flaming steam train on an unfinished track, The Kroovs create a big sound that belies their number with driving rhythmic guitar accompanied by furious fiery fiddle and banjo, tinkling mandolin, roaring vocals, and untiring percussion.

The Kroovs high energy performance, on stage banter, floor shaking tunes and expressive songs are sure to entertain. Drawing influence from the traditional folk canon, and everyone from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin they tackle songs about cowboys, whisky, piracy, gypsies, cocaine, love and murder.

Seamus Lunt
Seamus (or Smoose) has played musical instruments for as long as he can remember. Having a keen interest in learning piano tunes from his uncle at a young age he inherited the family piano and began lessons from local uni students from about the age of ten. 

In high school Seamus procured a nylon string guitar (from the same music loving uncle) and began to learn basic chords and how to sing along with them. High school was the perfect place to hone his performance skills with many opportunities to play a song on stage whether it be in the school orchestra on percussion, playing drumkit in the school jazz band or one of the many bands he formed with friends. Here is where Seamus fell in love with performing and always knew it was to be a large part of his future.

After high school Seamus played in a small number of bands jamming in a farm shed with "The Good Time Trio" comprised of two long time high school friends, Bill and Michael Brewer. Billy was always a mentor to Seamus so he moved with him and two other friends to a farm in Redland Bay, QLD to spend more time playing music. 

After working in a number of different jobs, music took the back seat and Seamus set to working out a career path. After about 5 years Seamus decided that the 9-5 life wasn't for him and moved to Melbourne to immerse himself in the music culture. 

Melbourne has all the inspiration a young aspiring performer could want for and soon Seamus had made friends who played in local bands such as Vice Grip Pussies, Bitter Sweet Kicks, Burn In Hell, Money For Rope and many other musicians following their dream. These guys were doing it, they were giving everything they had to play music and they didn't care if they were going to be huge or make heaps or money, they just played for the love of it. This changed they way Seamus looked at having a career or being a musician. 

A major rock and roll music hub is the famed bar, Cherry, located on ACDC Lane in Melbourne's CBD. This is where Seamus met Stacey and they immediately hit it off making plans to meet up and jam together. They spent a lot of time together over the next 6 months but when Stacey decided to go to Port Douglas to be with her family, they thought that their time was over.

It wasn't for long that Smoose would put up with the dreary Melbourne weather while Rabbit was in Tropical North Queensland lapping up the sunshine. A month later he was on a plane headed for Port Douglas. When Seamus got the opportunity to join a band with Rabbit and not work a normal job he jumped in immediately. The Kroovs were formed less than a year later. 

Stacey Brown
Stacey, or Rabbit as she is commonly known, took up the fiddle at age 16 and immediately discovered a passion for traditional Irish music. Entirely self taught and with no one to tell her otherwise, Rabbit decided left was best and did a DIY fiddle conversion, unknowingly becoming one of Australia's very few left handed fiddle players.

At just 18 she escaped the confines of the farm in sleepy Yackandandah and moved herself across the world to Ireland to immerse herself in the music, culture and Guinness of the country. Returning to Melbourne to study years later she cut her teeth playing traditional Irish sessions around the city. It was here in dingy AC/DC lane in front of the famed Cherry bar, that she met Seamus. Bonding immediately over a mutual love of B Grade Cult Movies and leather jackets, unknowingly the wheels were set in motion for The Kroovs.

Moving to Port Douglas in 2012 after completing her degree, Stacey explored more contemporary music styles, performing Open Mic's and Muso's Nights, and touring with a mountain music band for a year. As well as fiddle, Rabbit also plays banjo, flute, mandolin and percussion and dabbles in the occasional back up harmony.

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